Antonius Vertragus

Antonius Vertragus Levrier Ecossais

Levrier Ecossais

Actualité publiée le 14/04/2022

Antiope BOB & BOG2

Antonius Vertragus - Antiope BOB & BOG2

Maubeuge NDS April 3, 2022

Antiope won BOB & BOG2, Cupidon BOS and Atalante CACS

Antonius Vertragus Nymphe-et-Satyre : CCHF EX1 BOB BOG2

Antonius Vertragus Narcisse-et-Cupidon : CCHM EX1 BOS

Antonius Vertragus Rage-d'Amazone : COF EX1 CACS

Thank you very much to the judge Louis Dehaes (BE) for appreciating our deerhounds with excellent critics, congratulations to all and especially to Alain Dumortier for the BOG & RBIS! I also thank the Club Saint Hubert Du Nord for the organisation and for the pictures.