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Antonius Vertragus Levrier Ecossais

Levrier Ecossais

Actualité publiée le 08/01/2022


Antonius Vertragus - CUPIDON RBIS POMPADOUR 2021

POMPADOUR Sighthound Show 2021 ??? ??

Our beloved CUPIDON continued the day winning the ? BEST CHAMPION IN SHOW ? and ? RBIS ? under a heavy rain in an impressive line-up of 19 BOB of different breeds out of 425 sighthounds!

Thank you very much to the judges Mr Pascal Thiery (FRA ??) and Mr Jarmo Vuorinen (FIN ??) for the CH BIS and BIS and congratulations to all!

We do not forget to congratulate and warmly thank all those involved in the organization of this wonderful and important event which can only take place thanks to their hard work. Long live Pompadour Sighthound Show!