Antonius Vertragus

Antonius Vertragus Levrier ecossais

Levrier ecossais

Actualité publiée le 16/05/2017

Nationale d'Elevage du RALIE 2017

Antonius Vertragus - Nationale d'Elevage du RALIE 2017

Nationale d'Élevage du RALIE 2017

French Scottish Deerhound Breed Show

49 Deerhounds (14 males and 35 females)

Judged by Bryan DOAK (IR) - Rosslyn DH

Antonius Vertragus LANCRET

20 Mos. EXC II in interm. class /2 - COT. 4

Antonius Vertragus MAASAÏ MARA

15 Mos. 1st EXC in interm. class /6 - COT. 4

Antonius Vertragus LASCAUX

20 Mos. EXC in open class /11 - COT. 4

GIOLLA IAIN to Bonaforte

4 years, EXC IV in open class /11 - COT. 4

MÉROPE to Antonius Vertragus of Muma

5 Mos., 1st VP in puppy class /3 - PuppyBOB

We had a wonderfull day with all and we are really proud of our dogs !

Maasaï Mara, Lascaux, Giolla and Lancret received all the qualification EXCELLENT and are all RECOMMENDED (4 points) in the quotation system) !

We thank Bryan DOAK very much for appreciating the quality of our dogs and for his very nice comments.

We also thank very much Ariane, Flavio, Jean-Luc et Jean-Phi for their lovely photos.

More pictures soon !

And of course, we congratulate everyone for their results and their participation, hoping to find you more numerous next year for the next Breed Show that will take place during the FIWC 2018 at Le Touquet in France !

At home, all our other Deerhounds were waiting for us and were very happy about our return. Our sweet Adrastia, pregnant of 11 puppies even got up to come and greet us. She is doing very well. Puppies expected this week !