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Herbert Dicksee's Deerhounds

Herbert Dicksee's Deerhounds

Herbert Thomas Dicksee (14 juin 1862 - 20 février 1942) était un peintre anglais qui s'est spécialisé dans les peintures à l'huile de chiens de race et en particulier de Deerhounds. Les gravures et gravures de ses peintures les plus connues ont été largement diffusées par des éditeurs tels que Klackner de Londres, et son travail est populaire parmi les collectionneurs et les amateurs de chiens aujourd'hui.

Deerhound, On the Moors

Sir Brian

"Sir Brian was born in 1889 and, in fact, competed at Crufts in February 1892, under, funnily enough, the man who did more than anyone to create the modern wolfhound, Capt Graham. He won the novice class and Capt Graham described him as a good fronted and taking young dog, with indifferent hocks." Mike Herwin

Silent Sympathy,

Deerhound and sad girl by fireside

"This was the first really big selling Dicksee print and although the Creswick paper prints were fairly numerous, they are getting rarer due to the enduring popularity of this image. The artists proofs are very hard to come by and consequently expensive." M. H.

Viking's daughter

The Old Garden


The Old Hound

A Scottish Deerhound

A Deerhound Study

Oh for the Touch of a Vanished Hand


Fire worshippers

Fire Worshippers

The Twilight Hour,

"Lady & Dog by fireside. The dog has been variously described by sellers, as a Collie, as a Foxhound and as an Irish Wolfhound... It looks more like a large terrier type with additions by Heinz." M. H.



Deerhound & Terrier


"Deerhound curled round West Highland White Terrier lying on rug by fender"

After Chevy Chase (The Battle of Otterburn, 1388) 1894